EC Type-Examination

EC Type-Examination

EC Type-Examination

kuiper certificering offers certification of machinery that is listed in Annex IV of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. We are accredited for conducting EC type-examinations of machinery (Annex IX) in our accredited categories for CE marking.

The EC type-examination process:

The manufacturer applies to kuiper certificering for certification of Annex IV machinery by EC type-examination. We review the application and, if satisfactory, issue a quotation for the work.

The manufacturer places an order for the work and signs a certification agreement. The technical file is sent to kuiper certificering and the manufacturer makes a sample of the machinery available for examination.

kuiper certificering reviews the technical file, examines the machinery and checks the machinery against the technical file. Any non-conformances are reported to the manufacturer.

If non-conformances are successfully resolved, kuiper certificering issues an EC type-examination certificate for the machinery. The manufacturer draws up the Declaration of Conformity and affixes the CE mark to the machinery.

If applied for, and if certain conditions are met, a type-examination certificate for UKCA marking may be issued through our sister company amtri veritas based on the same evaluation.

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